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 “Wally’s work is in the best postmodern tradition in that it takes a complex approach to a subject matter, simultaneously subjugating it to a formal context and allowing it to animate her compositions in a manner that would be impossible without the associations with cosmic forces that we immediately make in our minds when we are confronted with one of her paintings.  She is a painter with a peculiarly affecting vision that makes  her work quite memorable.”

From a review in Gallery & Studio, New York, by the art critic Dorothy K. Riordan.  Sep/Oct 2002 




"We are caught between the material world and the realm of cosmic dreaming, and thus perceive the painting on two levels simultaneously…… Yet Monika Juliette Wally insists that we look beyond the surface of the canvas into the realm of the unknown, and it is her ability to transport us there that makes her a doubly rewarding painter.”

From a review in Gallery & Studio, New York, by the art critic Maureen Flynn.   
Nov/Dec 2004
These views, these horizons, this eye’s freedom, the spirit’s escape is her pictures goal.  
She makes in her art a trip toward the forever unknown.  
I can see fragmented forms, like smoke wisps or cloud formations that move in the images…”

From a review by the Swedish and international art critic Stig Åke Stålnacke, 
who is a member of AICA (Association International of Critics of Art)  2002


Swedish Press - 2001 

Swedish Press - 2006

Exaltation and Will in the Work of Monika Wally
“There is a flourish, a tumultuousness, in Monika Wally’s work that belies her paintings careful construction. Seen from a distance her swirls of paint are sensuously compelling and dynamic. Coming up-close to the surface of her work the viewer takes in the minutiae of imbricated picture planes and the detailed, feathered edges of her painterly strokes. The great swelling of her vista-like textures, assume a serenely dream-like quality. It all looks so effortless: a sign of mastery. It is a truism I suppose to say that great painting is born out of ultimate freedom as well as by necessity and will yet in Monika Wally’s case, her visual achievement is undeniable.”

From a review by the Manhattan based art critic John Austin, Dec. 2012

An Astronaut of Art
“But she is still an astronaut of art, who with the paintbrush’s rocket, travels out 
towards the unknown. Out towards spinning suns, galaxies and ice cold space. Well’ maybe not just ice cold. In her paintings, despite blue tones, there is a warmth that, through the foundations intermixed gold veins sparkles like a swarm of shooting stars, and gleams like the heat from fire and love.”

From a review in “Hjärtat’s Sång” by the art critic and artist Hans Janstad.  1999